Making life better
for people with HIV…
we’re here to help.

Our Mission (or Aim) is all about making life better for people with HIV.

As we have limited resources we think it’s most appropriate to support those people who need our help the most – whether that’s due to ill-health, poverty, isolation or age.

Our mission is to reduce the impact of HIV through providing support, information, advocacy and advice to people living with, or affected by, the virus, and by undertaking training and education to the wider spiritual and faith communities.

This mission is underpinned by the following commitments: To ensure that people living with or affected by HIV are central in the organisation, influencing policy and service development and actively contributing to decision-making processes.

To offer safe and welcoming environments which offer time and space for meeting the diverse needs of service users, service providers and visitors.

To challenge oppression and prejudice, structural and personal, promoting equality of opportunity and diversity, and speaking up for social justice where these factors impinge on the work of this charity.

To strive to support the development needs of volunteers and staff; that will enable us to more effectively meet our Mission.