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We all know that smoking is pretty bad for our health – and now research shows us that:

“A person with HIV who consistently takes HIV medicines but smokes is much more likely to die of a smoking-related disease than of HIV itself”

This is great news about improved life-expectancy thanks to anti-HIV medications – not great about the impact of smoking.

Elsewhere there’s evidence that smoking causes 20% of all cancers in people with HIV, and that people with HIV have an elevated risk for heart attacks – largely due to higher levels of ‘bad’ cholesterol, increased inflammation, and smoking.

We’ve been running workshops and have produced resources to help you quit – which you can read or download on this page. For more help in quitting see below.

This American online newsletter also contains a lot of information about HIV & Smoking and there’s an interesting case-study HERE about Brian, who has HIV and smoked.

Getting Help

If you want to get support, information and advice about quitting smoking there are a number of options open to you.

If you live in Westminster, Kensington & Chelsea, Hammersmith & Fulham or Kingston-upon-Thames boroughs you can get help from the Kick-It stop smoking service – click HERE for details.

If you live in Ealing you can get in touch with Smokefree Ealing – click HERE for details.

For other boroughs please contact NHS smokefree – click HERE for details.

If you don’t feel confident to take that first step we can also make a referral for you. Please contact Chris at Cara or Guillermo at River House.

HIV & Smoking HIV & Smoking