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Thanks for your interest in volunteering. Before completing this form, please read the enclosed information about our services and volunteer roles.

Making an application does not guarantee your acceptance as a volunteer. The enclosed information explains the selection process. Applicants must be over eighteen years of age.

The information you give on this form will be treated confidentially and will only be used within The Cara Trust. Please complete as many questions as you feel able and leave blanks where you don’t want to give the information requested.

Name and Address

Contact Details

  • Please specify if there any restrictions on times we can call and if we need to be discreet.
  • Please specify if we can give these numbers and your email to other volounteers.

Areas you can work in

Our Admin office is in Ladbroke Grove, West London. All services are community based around Londonand the UK. To give us some idea of the geographical areas you are available to work in, please tick all the places you are able and willing to travel to as a volunteer:


Please tell us about the times you may be available to do volunteering with The Cara Trust. Please let us know which days / mornings / evenings & weekends you are available.

Hours you can offer

Please tell us the number of hours per week you are prepared to give to your voluntary duties with The Cara Trust. This figure should include time to attend meetings, and to do reading etc at home as well as the time you need to undertake your chosen volunteer role(s). As a guide, allow about four hours (including travel) for each morning, afternoon or evening you will work for us

Volunteer Roles

Please read the brief outlines of volunteer roles currently available for new volunteers listed in the enclosed information. Indicate your choice of up to three roles in order of priority. It is possible to undertake more than one role at the same time if you have the time and availability


Please tick the following box if you have a full driving licence and access to a car that you are prepared to use during the course of your voluntary work.


Please list below any languages other than English in which you can communicate (including sign language if applicable). For each language please indicate your proficiency level as either "Phrases", "Conversational" or "Fluent".


Please tell us about any other relevant skills, experience or qualifications you have, or professional bodies you are accredited by / belong to (continue on a separate sheet if necessary)


Please tell us why you want to work with The Cara Trust.

What needs of your own do you expect to fulfil?


Being a volunteer involves us placing a certain amount of trust in you. You may have access to client’s property and you will be able to claim volunteer expenses. If you are accepted as a volunteer you will be asked to undergo a police check for unspent criminal convictions. Having a criminal record will not necessarily exclude you from recruitment as a volunteer. – the nature of the offence(s) and time that has elapsed is taken into consideration, as are the roles that you are interested in undertaking. In order that convictions can be considered at the earliest possible stage please answer the following

Do you have any unspent convictions involving fraud, dishonesty, deception or theft?

Some volunteer roles are deemed exempt under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974, Exceptions Order 1975. We will check for all convictions even if spent, for any volunteers undertaking these roles. A copy of our policy on vetting volunteers for criminal convictions is available on request.


Please give details of two responsible people who can provide a reference for you, commenting on your suitability as a volunteer with The Cara Trust.

Neither of these references need be from an employer, but can be if you wish. We cannot accept references from your partner or family members.

Please enter name, address including postcode and their relationship to you.

I declare that to the best of my knowledge the information given on this form is true & complete and that I am over 18 years of age. I understand that the information given may be held on a computer database and that I have a right to request a copy of the details recorded about me at any time.

Other information (not used for recruitment)

When organising volunteer meetings and events it can be helpful to know your dietary preferences to help us organise catering. Please tick as appropriate.

The Cara Trust is committed to the principles and practice of equal opportunities in all aspects of its work. For monitoring purposes only, please answer the following optional questions. This information is not used to make decisions about volunteer recruitment. You can leave these sections blank if you do not want to give the information at this time.

How would you describe your gender?

How would you describe your ethnicity?

How would you describe your sexual orientation?

Are you living with HIV?

Please describe your faith tradition (if any) e.g Buddhist; CoE; Hindu; Islam; RC...........